Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Head of Department of Culture and Tourism of West Papua Province, Mr. Yusak Wabia, S.Sos., M.Si. stated that local government would support the development of tourism in Wondama Bay regency.
Meeting on the development of tourism in Wondama bay regency

Mr. Wabia gave the statement last night on 27 July 2020 in a meeting with head of Dept. of Tourism of Wondama Bay Regency - Mr. Christian Mambor and representatives from Indonesian Tourist Guide Association (ITGA). 
ITGA were represented by Matias Rumbruren, Yansen Saragih (who is also an academician from the State University of Papua) and Charles Roring. 
The topic of the meeting was focused on the Development of Tourism in Wondama Bay regency whose capital was Rasiei. The islands of Rumberpon, Meoswar, Roon, Yoop and Auri were in the territory of the regency. 
Mr. Yusak Wabia said that he had just visited the regency and had seen the beauty of some of its islands. He stated that he was willing to support the construction of facilities especially in Auri islands so that people in Wondama could get economic benefits from tourism.
Mr. Mambor welcomed that statement and said they were ready to cooperate with the provincial tourism department. His department had launched a number of programs including the construction of facilities in several places in Wondama. They used to conduct an underwater photography contest for promoting marine tourism of the regency.
The latest one was a training on homestay management for owners to improve their skills and profesionalism in serving visitors.
Head of Indonesian Tourist Guide Association (ITGA) for West Papua province, Matias Rumbruren, stated that the empowerment of local people should become the priority in the development of tourism industry in Wondama Bay Regency. ITGA had been working in West Papua province for several years and was willing to open its branch in Wondama. Vice chairman of  ITGA, Yansen Saragih, said that ITGA of West Papua province would conduct certification for its members in Sorong city in August. He asked the head of Tourism Department of Wondama Bay regency to send at least one guide to the event. 
Rio Suabei, a native from Wondama who was a companion officer on the development of tourism in the island, said that his village used to hire three teachers from Kampung Inggris to give English course to tens of youth in the island. They enthusiastically attended the lessons and hoped that they would be able to guide tourists after completing the course program.
Head of Tourism Department of Papua Barat province handing over a chainsaw machine to head of tourism department of Wondama bay regency

The meeting was conducted at Kafe Laut - a beach front restaurant of Mansinam Beach Hotel in Manokwari city. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Wabia handed over a chainsaw machine to Mr. Mambor as a land clearing tool to symbolically start the preparation of the construction of facilities in Auri islands.
Field trip to Wondama for collecting more information of tourism potentials in the regency would be conducted soon. This was written by Charles Roring

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