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Birdwatching and Wildlifewatching in Fakfak regency of Indonesia

Birdwatching in outdoor environment has been a favorite tourism activity in West Papua. The Association of Indonesian tourist guides of Fakfak regency (DPC HPI Fakfak), in cooperation with KSDA Fakfak; partners of forest police (MMP); dan land owners of Fakfak nature reserve, offer affordable tour package for visitors who want to hear the beautiful sounds of birds and see wonderful nature of rainforest. 

It takes around 20 minutes by motorized vehicle to reach the forest. Visitors could enjoy wildlife watching along the provincial road. For those who want to go trekking into the jungle, they have to be accompanied by our guides who have got the experience and are familiar with the rainforest. 

The nature reserve of Fakfak plays a very important role as the location for the forest-based tourism activity of the regency. It is the natural habitat of birds that are endemic to Papua Land including birds of paradise that have become the target of observation for domestic and international visitors.

birding in Fakfak
1 Day Birding Tour in Fakfak town is also availabe for visitors

Based on our previous survey trips in the nature reserve, we have recorded seven species of birds of paradise as listed below:

  • Lesser Birds of Paradise (Paradisaea minor)
  • Magnificent Riflebird (Ptiloris magnificus)
  • Magnificent Bird of Paradise (Diphyllodes magnificus)
  • King Bird of Paradise (Cicinnurus regius)
  • Glossy-mantled Manucode (Manucodia ater)
  • Trumpet Manucode (Phonygammus keraudrenii)
  • Crinkle-collared Manucode (Manucodia chalybatus)

Besides birds of paradise, visitors can also watch other species of birds in this forest including:

1) Northern variable pitohui

2) Rusty pitohui

3) Papuan helmeted friarbird

4) Brown oriole

5) Golden myna

6) Yellow-faced myna

7) Papuan pitta

8) Northern hooded pitta

9) Black sided robin

10) Banded yellow Robin

11) Emperor fairy-wren

12) Papuan Hornbill

13) Grey crow

14) Rufous billed kookaburra

15) Syma torotoro

16) Papuan babler

17) Black-capped lorry

18) Palm cockatoo

19) Shulphur-crested cockatoo

20) Eclectus parrot

21) Papuan mountain-pigeon

22) Pinons imperial pigeon

23) Superb fruit doves

24) Black billed cuckoodove

25) Great Cuckoodove

26) Papuan frogmouth

27) Western Crowned pigeon

28) black billed brushturkey

29) Northern Cassowary, and a lot more.

Torea airport passenger terminal in Fakfak
Passenger terminal of Torea airport in Fakfak town

How to get to Fakfak town?

  • Take an international flight from visitors' country of origin to Jakarta
  • Continue your trip by taking domestic flight to Sorong city. Garuda, Lion Air, Batik Air and Sriwijaya Air have got regular daily flights between major cities in Indonesia to Sorong city.
  • From Sorong city, visitors can continue their trip to Fakfak town by passenger ship or by airplane. 
  • Local guides from the Association of Indonesian Tourist Guides (HPI) are able to arrange tours for visitors who take their holiday in Fakfak regency.

Birdwatching and wildlife watching can be done all year round in Fakfak. The tour is quite flexible and can be adapted to the interest and time of the visitors.  


The Association of Indonesian Tourist Guides (DPC HPI Fakfak)

Prayogo (chairman) +6281354797622

Aponk (special interest and wildlife watching)

No HP/ WA : 081248106599

Email :

IG :

Fakfak regency, West Papua Province

Republic of Indonesia

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