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Wave Surfing Sites in Manokwari

Manokwari has been an important destination for wave surfing holiday in West Papua province of Indonesia. There are a lot of surf spots for visitors to explore. Some of them are listed below:

Japanese wave surfer, Hayato Maki, at Pintu Angin of Cape Bakaro - Manokwari

Pintu Angin (meaning Wind Door) - This is a surf spot in the east of Manokwari city whose wave heights often above 3 meters. It is located within walking distance from Abasi beach. Because it is a reef brake at Cape Bakaro, this surf point is only suitable for experienced wave surfers. Visitor can stay at the homestays in Abasi village and walk to Pintu Angin if they want enjoy surfing.
lessons for beginners
Tourists from Spain were taking surf lessons at Abasi Beach provided by Henoch Maryen

Abasi beach - This surf site is located in the east of Manokwari city. It takes around 25 to 30 minutes ride to reach the beach from central business area of Manokwari. The reef brake provides powerful barrel wave especially in the mornings and late afternoons between November and February. The youth community at Abasi Beach has got a club called Abasi Klub Surfing. It is the first wave surfing club in the whole West Papua. They have got their own website with the same name. The founder of club is Salo Rumadas. She can be contacted through this number: +6285244464206. Another founder of Abasi Surfing is Olof Maryen +6282193528680. They can guide visitors who want to learn or enjoy surfing in Manokwari. 

holiday in Manokwari
An affordable accommodation at Abasi Beach: Yafet's Homestay

Manokwari surfing
Flower Garden at Yafet's homestay that is also filled with a lot of coconut trees.

Visitors who are interested in spending their holiday at Abasi beach can stay at homestays that are operated by the villagers. One of the homestays is run by Yafet Maryen. He can be contacted by whatsapp at this number: +6281343123553. In addition to wave surfing, visitors could enjoy snorkeling holiday during the calm months i.e. from April to early October. The coral reef of Abasi Beach is the habitat of hundreds of species of marine creatures including anemonefish, parrotfish, trevally, wrasse, moorish idol and a lot more. 

Papua Risen Beach and Guesthouse

This is another surf spot in Manokwari which tourists can choose to visit during their holiday in West Papua. This beach has got a comfortable guesthouse. The bedroom is Air Conditioned and is under the management of Papua Risen Surfing Club. The club has got its own instagram account. Visitors who are interested in booking the guesthouse of Petrus Kafiar Beach can contact Papua Dimara by whatsapp to: +6285254315571. Papua Risen Surf Club provides surf lessons to anyone who wants to learn surfing for the first time. 

Papua Risen Beach  and Surf Club

Tanjung Pepaya Beach

This is another surf spot in the north coast of Manokwari whose beach consists of fine black sand. The beach is often visited by city dwellers who like swimming or just seeing the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean. Visitors can enjoy surfing at the beach. There are homestays and guesthouse at this beach. One of them is Amban Beach House. Visitors can find its info by googling it in the internet.

Tanjung Pepaya Beach

Bakaro Beach - This is another surf site in Manokwari whose view is very beautiful. Kids from the nearby Bakaro village like to enjoy surfing at this beach. Bakaro is only a few minutes ride from Abasi Village. Surfers from Abasi could guide visitors to enjoy wave surfing at this beach. During calm season, visitors can enjoy snorkeling at Bakaro Beach.

There are still a lot of surf spots both in the southern and nothern coast of Manokwari. Interacting with local wave surfers at this beach will allow visitors to get more info about surf sites in Manokwari and other parts of West Papua. 

Bakaro Beach of Manokwari

Flights to Manokwari

The airport of Manokwari is Rendani. There are regular flight services between Manokwari and other major cities in Indonesia served by Lion Air, Batik Air and Sriwijaya. 

batik air, lion air, to West Papua
Flight routes from major Indonesian cities to Manokwari

Rendani Airport of Manokwari

Accommodation in Manokwari

There are hotels which visitors can choose to stay if they want to spend their holiday in Manokwari. Some of them include Mansinam Beach Hotel, Hotel Triton, Hotel Alexander, Hotel Oriestom, Hotel Oriestom Bay, Swissbel Hotel and Aston Niu Hotel. Visitors can get info and book their rooms by typing the name of the hotel plus the keyword Manokwari city in Google, Bing or Yandex. 

Other Tourist Attractions in Manokwari

Manokwari has got a lot of attractions for visitors who are interested in exploring the rainforest, the historical and cultural sites as well as commercial sites. Those who are interested in birding and wildlife watching can go to Susnguakti forest and Mbenti forest in Arfak mountains. 

As an official tourist guide association in West Papua, we can organize special tours for visitors who are interested in geo tour, nature tour, and etc. This is written by Charles Roring

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