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Snorkeling and Freediving in Manokwari

Manokwari is a coastal city that is located in Dore bay facing the beautiful view of Arfak mountains. There are three small islands in the bay, i.e.: Raimuti, Nusmapi and Mansinam. These islands are surrounded by coral reef. There are also coral reef sites along the beaches of Manokwari including Abasi Beach and Bakaro beach, and the northern coast area particularly around Kaki island. 

abasi beach, mansinam island and dorey bay of West Papua
Snorkeling in Coral Reef Areas of Manokwari City

Snorkeling is one of the most favorite tourism activities which visitors can enjoy while visiting Manokwari. Local guides from HPI could organize snorkeling trips in Manokwari by car or motorized boat. 

Visitors need to bring their own equipment such as snorkeling mask, snorkeling pipe and swim fins. 

While enjoying snorkeling and freediving over coral reef sites of Manokwari, visitors could see various kinds of marine creatures including reef fish, sea star, Christmas tree worm, sea cucumber and a lot of specials of corals. 

The tropical reef-fish that can be seen in coral reef areas of Manokwari include the Striped-surgeonfish, Yellow-tailed Blue Damsel, Pink Anemonefish, Orange-skunk Anemonefish, Spine-cheek Anemonefish, Red and Black Anemonefish, Moorish Idol, and etc.. There are also butterflyfish, parrotfish, wrasse and a lot more. 

striped surgeonfish, red and black anemonefish
Reef-fish in Manokwari

Visitors need to bring an underwater camera such as the Nikon W300, Olympus TG-6, and Fujifiom XQ2, and etc., to take pictures of the marine life. 

Foreign tourist was freediving in Mansinam island of Manokwari
Freediving in Manokwari

The snorkeling and freediving trip in Manokwari can be combined with tour around the city to see the architectural design of old Dutch buildings and houses which can be compared to the newer Indonesian ones built after 1963, when all the territory of the former Netherlands Nieuw Guinea officially became part of the Republic of Indonesia. 

Getting to Manokwari

It is easy to reach Manokwari. Visitors need to fly from their country to one of the major cities of Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Makassar and Manado. After that, they can continue their trip by taking domestic flight to Manokwari served by such airlines as Lion Air, Wings Air, and Batik Air. 

snorkeling in Manokwari
Flight route to Manokwari

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Manokwari City Tour

Manokwari is the capital of Papua Barat (meaning West Papua) province in the Republic of Indonesia. It is a beautiful coastal town that stretches along Dore bay. There are 3 small islands in the bay. They are Mansinam, Nusmapi, and Raimuti. Coral reef grow around these islands. Visitors could enjoy snorkeling if they bring their own equipment. 

Rendani airport, Swapen permai and Anggrem boat harbor
Manokwari city tour

Mixed Architecture

The Dutch built the town of Manokwari between 1950s and 1960s right after World War II. There are still old Dutch houses and buildings in the city. They are now standing side by side with the houses and office buildings that have been constructed after 1963 when Indonesia took over the administration of West Papua. 

Butterfly Watching

The buildings and houses in the city are built among green trees and shrub plants. In certain parts of the city, visitors who walk along the sides of the streets and alleyways of Manokwari could see beautiful butterflies such as the Silky Owl Butterfly, Cruiser Butterfly and the Common Green Birdwing Butterfly. 

Cruiser Butterfly (Vindula arsinoe)
Butterflies in Manokwari


When Alfred Russel Wallace visited Manokwari in 1858, he was surprised by the artworks that the local people created. Today, the love of art by local people could still be seen in the form of wood carvings, bags that are made of tree bark or woven from pandanus leaves, and plant fiber.

wood carving and woven cloth
Papuan artists in Manokwari
Religious Sites

Manokwari was the first destination for European evangelists to introduce Christianity to the indigenous Papuan villagers. First their activity was concentrated in Mansinam island, Kwawi and Andai.  Visitors who go to these places could see monuments, the old foundation of the churches, well, and cemetary of the missionaries.

World War II

Between 1942 to 1944, Manokwari became the base of the Imperial Japanese Army. There are still a few bomb shelters that could be seen in the city especially on Brawijaya street and near the General Hospital. Similar shelters could also be seen in Mansinam island. In Table Mountain, there is World War II memorial monument built by Japanese. 

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